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Practice Exam for Private Pilot Airplane.
During the actual test you will have 2 hours 30 minutes to answer 60 questions.
You should answer these 10 questions by 0138Z (25 minutes from now) to be on track.

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(Refer to figure 24, area 3.) What is the height of the lighted obstacle approximately 6 nautical miles southwest of Savannah International?
A) 1,549 feet MSL.
B) 1,500 feet MSL.
C) 1,531 feet AGL.
An airplane said to be inherently stable will
A) not spin.
B) be difficult to stall.
C) require less effort to control.
Before a person holding a private pilot certificate may act as pilot in command of a high-performance airplane, that person must have
A) an endorsement in that person's logbook that he or she is competent to act as pilot in command.
B) passed a flight test in that airplane from an FAA inspector.
C) received ground and flight instruction from an authorized flight instructor who then endorses that person's logbook.
Unless otherwise specifically authorized, no person may operate an aircraft that has an experimental certificate
A) over a densely populated area or in a congested airway.
B) from the primary airport within Class D airspace.
C) beneath the floor of Class B airspace.
What is ground effect?
A) The result of the disruption of the airflow patterns about the wings of an airplane to the point where the wings will no longer support the airplane in flight.
B) The result of an alteration in airflow patterns increasing induced drag about the wings of an airplane.
C) The result of the interference of the surface of the Earth with the airflow patterns about an airplane.
Wingtip vortices are created only when an aircraft is
A) developing lift.
B) heavily loaded.
C) operating at high airspeeds.
(Refer to figure 6.) To receive accurate indications during flight from a heading indicator, the instrument must be
A) periodically realigned with the magnetic compass as the gyro precesses.
B) set prior to flight on a known heading.
C) calibrated on a compass rose at regular intervals.
What is pressure altitude?
A) The indicated altitude corrected for nonstandard temperature and pressure.
B) The altitude indicated when the barometric pressure scale is set to 29.92.
C) The indicated altitude corrected for position and installation error.
(Refer to figures 33 and 34.) Calculate the weight and balance and determine if the CG and the weight of the airplane are within limits.
Front seat occupants 350 lb
Rear seat occupants 325 lb
Baggage 27 lb
Fuel 35 gal

A) CG 81.7, out of limits forward.
B) CG 84.1, within limits.
C) CG 83.4, within limits.
While cruising at 9,500 feet MSL, the fuel/air mixture is properly adjusted. What will occur if a descent to 4,500 feet MSL is made without readjusting the mixture?
A) The fuel/air mixture may become excessively lean.
B) There will be more fuel in the cylinders than is needed for normal combustion, and the excess fuel will absorb heat and cool the engine.
C) The excessively rich mixture will create higher cylinder head temperatures and may cause detonation.

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