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Practice Exam for Private Pilot Airplane.
During the actual test you will have 2 hours 30 minutes to answer 60 questions.
You should answer these 10 questions by 1754Z (25 minutes from now) to be on track.

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(Refer to figure 14.) The intensity of the turbulence reported at a specific altitude is
A) light from 5,500 feet to 7,200 feet.
B) moderate from 5,500 feet to 7,200 feet.
C) moderate at 5,500 feet and at 7,200 feet.
(Refer to figure 30.) Which ADF indication represents the aircraft tracking TO the station with a right crosswind?
A) 2.
B) 1.
C) 4.
During an approach to a stall, an increased load factor will cause the airplane to
A) be more difficult to control.
B) stall at a higher airspeed.
C) have a tendency to spin.
(Refer to figures 33 and 34.) Determine if the airplane weight and balance is within limits.
Front seat occupants..................415 lb
Rear seat occupants...................110 lb
Fuel, main tanks..........................44 gal
Fuel, aux. tanks..........................19 gal
Baggage....................................32 lb
A) Weight within limits, CG out of limits.
B) 19 pounds overweight, CG out of limits forward.
C) 19 pounds overweight, CG within limits.
What is an advantage of a constant-speed propeller?
A) Permits the pilot to select the blade angle for the most efficient performance.
B) Permits the pilot to select and maintain a desired cruising speed.
C) Provides a smoother operation with stable RPM and eliminates vibrations.
(Refer to figures 33 and 34.) Upon landing, the front passenger (180 pounds) departs the airplane. A rear passenger (204 pounds) moves to the front passenger position. What effect does this have on the CG if the airplane weighed 2,690 pounds and the MOM/100 was 2,260 just prior to the passenger transfer?
A) The CG moves forward approximately 0.1 inch.
B) The CG moves forward approximately 3 inches.
C) The weight changes, but the CG is not affected.
The most frequent type of ground or surface-based temperature inversion is that which is produced by
A) warm air being lifted rapidly aloft in the vicinity of mountainous terrain.
B) terrestrial radiation on a clear, relatively still night.
C) the movement of colder air under warm air, or the movement of warm air over cold air.
(Refer to figure 21, area 2.) The elevation of the Chesapeake Regional Airport is
A) 360 feet.
B) 20 feet.
C) 36 feet.
When landing behind a large aircraft, the pilot should avoid wake turbulence by staying
A) above the large aircraft's final approach path and landing beyond the large aircraft's touchdown point.
B) above the large aircraft's final approach path and landing before the large aircraft's touchdown point.
C) below the large aircraft's final approach path and landing before the large aircraft's touchdown point.
One of the main functions of flaps during approach and landing is to
A) decrease the angle of descent without increasing the airspeed.
B) permit a touchdown at a higher indicated airspeed.
C) increase the angle of descent without increasing the airspeed.

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