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Practice Exam for Private Pilot Airplane.
During the actual test you will have 2 hours 30 minutes to answer 60 questions.
You should answer these 10 questions by 2345Z (25 minutes from now) to be on track.

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What regulation allows a private pilot to perform preventive maintenance?
A) 14 CFR Part 91.403.
B) 14 CFR Part 61.113.
C) 14 CFR Part 43.7.
The numbers 9 and 27 on a runway indicate that the runway is oriented approximately
A) 090° and 270° true.
B) 090° and 270° magnetic.
C) 009° and 027° true.
(Refer to figure 16.) What sky conditon and visibility are forecast for upper Michigan in the eastern portions after 2300Z?
A) Ceiling 1,000 feet overcast and 3 to 5 statute miles visibility.
B) Ceiling 1,000 feet overcast and 3 to 5 nautical miles visibility.
C) Ceiling 100 feet overcast and 3 to 5 statute miles visibility.
What does the heavy dashed line that forms a large rectangular box on a radar summary chart refer to?
A) Areas of heavy rain.
B) Areas of hail 1/4 inch in diameter.
C) Severe weather watch area.
What minimum radio equipment is required for operation within Class C airspace?
A) Two-way radio communications equipment and a 4096-code transponder.
B) Two-way radio communications equipment, a 4096-code transponder, and DME.
C) Two-way radio communications equipment, a 4096-code transponder, and an encoding altimeter.
Each recreational or private pilot is required to have
A) an annual flight review.
B) a biennial flight review.
C) a semiannual flight review.
As altitude increases, the indicated airspeed at which a given airplane stalls in a particular configuration will
A) decrease as the true airspeed increases.
B) decrease as the true airspeed decreases.
C) remain the same regardless of altitude.
(Refer to figure 39.) Determine the total distance required to land over a 50-foot obstacle.
Pressure altitude 3,750 ft
Headwind 12 kts
Temperature Std

A) 816 feet.
B) 794 feet.
C) 836 feet.
The amount of excess load that can be imposed on the wing of an airplane depends upon the
A) abruptness at which the load is applied.
B) speed of the airplane.
C) position of the CG.
(Refer to figure 22, area 2.) Which airport is located at approximately 47° 39 minutes 30 seconds N latitude and 100° 53 minutes 00 seconds W longitude?
A) Johnson.
B) Linrud.
C) Crooked Lake.

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