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Practice Exam for Private Pilot Airplane.
During the actual test you will have 2 hours 30 minutes to answer 60 questions.
You should answer these 10 questions by 0638Z (25 minutes from now) to be on track.

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Each recreational or private pilot is required to have
A) an annual flight review.
B) a biennial flight review.
C) a semiannual flight review.
How can you determine if another aircraft is on a collision course with your aircraft?
A) The nose of each aircraft is pointed at the same point in space.
B) There will be no apparent relative motion between your aircraft and the other aircraft.
C) The other aircraft will always appear to get larger and closer at a rapid rate.
One in-flight condition necessary for structural icing to form is
A) visible moisture.
B) stratiform clouds.
C) small temperature/dewpoint spread.
(Refer to figure 30, illustration 2.) What magnetic bearing should the pilot use to fly TO the station?
A) 190°.
B) 145°.
C) 010°.
How can a military airport be identified at night?
A) Alternate white and green light flashes.
B) Dual peaked (two quick) white flashes between green flashes.
C) White flashing lights with steady green at the same location.
(Refer to figure 15.) Between 1000Z and 1200Z the visibility at KMEM is forecast to be?
A) 6 statute miles.
B) 1/2 statute mile.
C) 3 statute miles.
How will frost on the wings of an airplane affect takeoff performance?
A) Frost will change the camber of the wing, increasing its lifting capability.
B) Frost will cause the airplane to become airborne with a higher angle of attack, decreasing the stall speed.
C) Frost will disrupt the smooth flow of air over the wing, adversely affecting its lifting capability.
Unless otherwise authorized, two-way radio communications with Air Traffic Control are required for landings or takeoffs
A) at all tower controlled airports within Class D airspace only when weather conditions are less than VFR.
B) at all tower controlled airports regardless of weather conditions.
C) at all tower controlled airports only when weather conditions are less than VFR.
No person may operate an aircraft in formation flight
A) in Class D airspace under special VFR.
B) over a densely populated area.
C) except by prior arrangement with the pilot in command of each aircraft.
What is the minimum visibility for a pilot to receive a land and hold short (LAHSO) clearance?
A) 3 nautical miles
B) 3 statute miles.
C) 1 statute mile.

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